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Shown on display in Joyner Library courtyard at East Carolina University during the Graduate Sculpture Invitational Exhibition, August - September, 2008.

Dr. Lawrence Wheeler, director of the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, said of Natural Repetition, "It's a very strong work. I can imagine seeing it in New York and in public art collections around the country. It looks so fragile and organic, yet it's crafted from metal." (2008)

Natural Repetition was a break-out piece for me because of it's size. Prior to working on this piece, I typically made artwork that was no taller than two feet. This piece was originally designed to be roughly five feet tall, but at the urging of my professor, Hana Jubran, I added an extra three and a half feet. I was happy with the result and am planning to create more large works in the future.

(Private Collection of Betty Rovins)

Natural Repetition
Natural Repetition
cast aluminum
8.5ft x 18in x 18in